The standardized consulting models of GMarks Vietnam will help assess the business situation, operational structure and finance of the company to give strategic solutions with goals and feasible metrics in order to: Increase sales; Increasing the value of products & services; Increase customer base; Improve competitiveness; Increase the efficiency of capital costs.

-Business development consultancy model focuses on branding, business models, manpower with the following services:
+ Growth Strategy & Business model development consulting
+ KPIs, OKR development consulting
+ Chain management and franchise model consulting
+ Implementing & Transferring Smart ERP Solution Consulting

We create a business development consulting value chain along with growth models to help companies associate outputs with strategic partners in domestic and oversea markets; building data sources of potential customers to help companies grow and develop stably.

Business growth & model development consulting

Improve the marketing & sales performance, ensure the maximum demand for capital for business development is rationally allocated, economically spent to brings high economic efficiency.


 Performance metrics KPIs, OKRs consulting


The only way to improve is to measure and review performance. It is a comprehensive and sustainable solution for human resource management.


Implementing & transferring SmartERP solution consulting

Integrates many professional, standardized and specialized processes for beauty care industry which is suitable for fields of cosmetic surgery, spa, dentistry, fitness, fashion retail,…