Need to boost sales growth? Need to expand the market? Need effective business models for specific projects? Request a go-to-market plan for a new product or service? What resources help implement a business strategy? How to ensure the spending, preservation and expansion of business capital effectively?

Our business development consultancy & financial resources not only support commercial initiatives that help improve the marketing & sales performance of the companies, but also help ensure the maximum demand for capital for business development is rationally allocated, economically spent to brings high economic efficiency.

Business development:
Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with your company’s internal organization to optimize marketing & sales strategies to promote profitable and sustainable growth, prepare expansion plans and effective business models to better exploit market opportunities.

+ Review & improve sales plans:
We help to review the business plan, evaluate sales strategies and target by segments and distribution channels. We help design and implement sales plans to improve sales, profitability and sales measurement (penetration, contribution, etc.) by channels, regions, product portfolio,…) on the basis of a balance between goals and available resources.

+ Industry & market research:
In addition to evaluating business growth opportunities, sales expansion and business development, we conduct industry & market research, segmentation and feasibility analysis from which to establish sales strategies based on integration of product, market, customers & distribution channels, targeted consumers.

+ Redesign sales model:
Building an optimal marketing and business approach affecting the sales network from product pricing structure, distribution strategy (opening distributors, agents, retail stores, online sales channels, export), business policies (commissions & discounts, liabilities, payment terms,…)

+ Improve sales management process:
Design process, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, optimize the remuneration system according to market best practices based on competencies to increase sales force performance and improve ability to achieve business goals and improve efficiency in management and allocation of sales resources.

Design and implement operational control and monitoring systems, report sales performance based on measurable metrics.

+ Restructuring sales organization:
Streamline the functions, structure, and regulations of commercial department to ensure consistent with the sales model and business strategy. Determine the size, allocation (by region, distribution channel,…) and use as required current sales plans and in the future.


 Performance metrics KPIs, OKRs consulting


The only way to improve is to measure and review performance. It is a comprehensive and sustainable solution for human resource management.


Implementing & transferring SmartERP solution consulting

Integrates many professional, standardized and specialized processes for beauty care industry which is suitable for fields of cosmetic surgery, spa, dentistry, fitness, fashion retail,…