Are you proud of the products and services that you have invested, built and want to replicate your business model effectively and quickly? You’ve heard of franchise or chain management model and you desire to build an effective and sustainable business following the above models? Franchising or chains of entities is a clever choice to grow a business effectively and quickly. But the question is how to get the ball rolling in case you have piles of concerns of your internal resources.

In order to a franchise to be successful, your business model needs to be established, proven and easily replicable. Before you can think about expanding through the franchise system, you need to make sure all specific sector challenges and potential issues have been overcome. Your business model must be tried and tested before franchising. But this is not the time for you to try new processes and take risks.

With a comprehensive approach and accompanying during implementation process of GMarks Vietnam’s team of experts, we work with you to strengthen your business model, review and perfect the management system, reinforce brand strategy and build the standard operating platform necessary to catch and seize this opportunity for sustainable growth. The services provided by GMarks Vietnam include:

Chain management and franchise model design:
Our consultants will evaluate whether your current service, operations and business model can be franchised or expanded as a chain model. On that basis, we will propose suitable models of COCO, CODO, DODO according to companies’ competencies, market assessment and growth potential.

Franchise expansion strategy:
We will look at the inherent capabilities of the brand and build a growth route with milestones that will help the brand reach its goals. In addition, our franchise development consulting service will help re-evaluate your plan along with your company’s internal experts to adjust and complement the key points for growth and expansion in terms of brand, business, financial resources and management system.

Accompanion for operational excellence:
The success of your chain management and franchise depends on the success of each unit. The key to this success is cooperation with the right people, support participation, operational oversight from the central office or franchisor. Our experts will help to keep the system run smoothly to improve efficiency. We will evaluate and design the forms, systems, software, controls and processes to ensure they will help to monitor the franchise and business and to match franchise operation. Furthermore, we will accompany during implementation period with field support including site selection, compliance visits, training coures, marketing & communication plans. The main aim is to bring the best service to the end users and that will result in the 3 most important KPIs for each unit: Sales increase, profit increase and operational excellence.

M&A consulting


Services provided will help investors and companies perform the steps in M&A transactions effectively and time saving.


Trust investment management


Offers you a variety of investment options that meet your specific investment goals, as well as flexible capital withdrawal/ capital contribution requirements.


Business idea creation consulting & executing

Create business ideas and adjust them based on the consideration of your company model and competencies as well as compatibility with your business ecosystem.


Foreign investment to Vietnam & Vietnam investment abroad consulting


Advise to connect Vietnamese enterprises with foreign trade promotion organizations as well as business community to coordinate and expand investment opportunities and business development.