GMarks Vietnam solution will help enterprises quickly raise capital and negotiate financial terms that satisfy both clients and financial institutions. Whether the business is looking for a strategic or financial buyer, we will help find appropriate growth capital funding to limit ownership dilution for enterprises. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that our clients do not relinquish control of their business to outside investors in order to support growth. We help our clients transform their business to high growth enterprises with higher valuations.

Raising capital via traditional channels such as bank loans, issuing shares, raising capital on the stock market will be difficult and hard to do due to meeting the necessary special conditions, especially SMEs. GMarks Vietnam offers a new solution to raise capital through asset digitization tools suitable for many types of businesses, from small to large scale, with lower costs due to being managed by technology and eliminating intermediaries.

We also have connections with digital asset trading exchanges aimed at connecting traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets, digitizing assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate. We connect to fundraising via STO (Security Token Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and post DIPO (digital initial public offering). GMarks Vietnam will act as a bridge between SMEs and investors by providing Due Diligence appraisal services and connecting with digital exchanges.

Efficient cash flow management consulting


By focusing on the important levers of effective working capital management, help businesses generate cash to improve earnings and accelerate new investments.


Capital raising for growing business consulting

Helping enterprises develop plans to raise growth capital and connect capital sources effectively to secure appropriate resources for growth.