Ineffective cash flow management can be delibilating for a business with adverse consequences including inability to fund corporate operations, investment in strategic projects, products or new market, higher capital costs, excessive interest payments that eat into profits. Enterprises may have revenues and profits but cannot control the cash flow. Businesses may pursue revenue but cannot control cash flow, encounter difficulty in collecting money, high level of inventory,… When not managed carefully, businesses may starve themselves of cash needed to fund suppliers, meet payroll or purchase new equipment.

By focusing on the important levers of effective working capital management, we can help businesses generate cash to improve earnings and accelerate new investments. As a leading strategic and operational consulting firm, GMarks Vietnam provides advisory and consulting services that can help businesses significantly improve cash flow performance, provide tools for cash flow forecasting & promote long-term health for businesses.

We begin by examining the state of enterprises, working capital, cash flow management to find out the bottlenecks that restrict cash generation. Through comprehensive cash flow analysis, we offer a wide range of critical metrics including cash conversion efficiency, days of working captial, revenue cycles, account receivables and collection cycles, inventory management, account payables, forecast accuracy, capital costs and return on capital employed,… We identify gaps in process, systems, management decision-making related to cash flow management and address a range of prioritized issues that can be improved. Our finance & management specialists will work shoulder to shoulder with enterprise, management to make the necessary financial and operational process improvements in order to maximize cash flow performance. To ensure these improvements are sustainable, we provide the management team with coaching, training, and tools needed to optimize cash flow for more efficient working capital and improve earnings.

Other benefits of our cash flow management service include:
+ Help obtain an appropriate line of credit.
+ Solutions to increase working capital turnover, reduce days of goods circulation, reduce inventories, boost sales and collect debts.
+ Effective collection & payment policies.
+ Control cash receipts and cash disbursements.
+ Help obtain the maximum rate of return on the idle cash.
+ Distribution of cash surplus.
+ The most appropriate and economical solution to utilize assets and equipment.

The consultancy model of GMarks Vietnam will help companies use capital effectively to ensure develop business, increase the value of assets and the position of companies in the market so that they can easily access to capital market when needed. We will be effective partners, dedicated in the development process of your company.

Capital raising for growing business consulting

Helping enterprises develop plans to raise growth capital and connect capital sources effectively to secure appropriate resources for growth.


Connecting capital sources consulting


Will help enterprises quickly raise capital and negotiate financial terms that satisfy both clients and financial institutions.