Foreign Investment To Vietnam

Forms of foreign investment in Vietnam include:
– Foreign investment by establishing an economic organization: Establishing a company with 100% foreign capital; establishing joint venture companies with foreign investment.
– Foreign investment in form of capital contribution, purchase of shares or stakes in companies already established in Vietnam.

When seeking foreign investment in Vietnam, it is essential to find a fully-fledged consulting agency. In order to meet the needs of foreign investment consultancy in Vietnam, GMarks Vietnam is ready to provide following services:
– Form of Foreign investment consulting: consulting types of companies to contribute capital in accordance with purpose and capabilities of investors.
– Legal advice: applying for investment license, establishing a legal entity, guiding licensing procedures,…
– Act as authorized representative of the investor to carry out investment procedures in Vietnam: Study and review documents provided by client in Vietnam, Draft foreign investment documents, On behalf of investors, submit investment certificate applications and get investment policy approval.
– Investment project planning consulting, investment project acquisition services
– Market research, make pre-feasibility survey report.
– Consult investors, investment projects in selection of investment locations, execution partners.
– Support investors to control risks and solve arising issues effectively meanwhile offer pragmatic solutions.
– Execution companion the implementation of investment projects on the basis of commitment to success.

Vietnam investment abroad

GMarks Vietnam assists domestic enterprises in seeking outward investment opportunities through capital transfer, partial or total acquisition of overseas businesses to participate in management and implementation of foreign business investment activities to exploit, develop, expand markets, increase the ability to export goods & services. We advise to connect Vietnamese enterprises with foreign trade promotion organizations as well as business community to coordinate and expand investment opportunities and business development.

With practical experience in supporting enterprised, GMarks Vietnam offshore investment advisory service can help clients:
– Assess the ability of offshore investment in accordance with international practice and regulations of the host country.
– Consult on conditions, forms and procedures for offshore investment.
– Guide & support to complete the application file for offshore investment certificate.
– Support to prove investors’ capability.
– Establish economic organization in accordance with regulation of the nation that receives investment.
– Advice on how to transfer foreign currencies abroad, support investors in investment reporting procedures, transfering profits back to Vietnam.

M&A consulting

Services provided will help investors and companies perform the steps in M&A transactions effectively and time saving.


Trust investment management

Offers you a variety of investment options that meet your specific investment goals, as well as flexible capital withdrawal/ capital contribution requirements.


Business idea creation consulting & executing

Create business ideas and adjust them based on the consideration of your company model and competencies as well as compatibility with your business ecosystem.


Chain management & franchise model consulting

Strengthen business model, review and perfect the management system and build the standard operating platform necessary to catch and seize this opportunity for sustainable growth.