SmartERP is a technology platform transferred from Europe. Over 05 years of experience in providing & deploying Management and Sales promoting software for large beauty care businesses in Vietnam, SmartERP has been continuously developed into a cloud ERP service which is customizable for all requirements of the service industry in general and beauty care industry in particular. SmartERP’s solution integrates many professional, standardized and specialized processes for beauty care industry which is suitable for fields of cosmetic surgery, spa, dentistry, fitness, fashion retail, etc.

With more than 14 years of consulting and developing businesses for more than 400 companies & projects in Vietnam, we have a deep insight of enterprises’ demand of management, business growth. As a result, SmartERP is able to adapt to different business areas of each enterprise. Moreover, SmartERP provides practical solutions for enterprises to control data flow through administration procedures, managerial analysis forms with many functional modules such as Financial accounting, Manpower resource. Product / Service management, Customers’ information & Transaction history management, Sales & Marketing, Customer care,…

The modules are independently designed with the ability to connect with each other and be integrated into existing platforms of the enterprise; SmartERP allows enterprises the flexibility to expand the use of software applications according to their needs and resource conditions.

Not just a software platform, SmartERP provides a comprehensive service solution that promotes sales for enterprises including constructing, developing customer base and transferring this data to enterprise with specific measurement indicators such as increasing sales volume, sales efficiency, reducing lead costs, higher conversion rates,…

Extensive experience in developing and deploying ERP products for the service industry, SmartERP fully meets the management and customer care needs of spas and beauty salons. With our smart solution, you manage your business more effectively & successfully.


Business growth & model development consulting

Improve the marketing & sales performance, ensure the maximum demand for capital for business development is rationally allocated, economically spent to brings high economic efficiency.


 Performance metrics KPIs, OKRs consulting


The only way to improve is to measure and review performance. It is a comprehensive and sustainable solution for human resource management.