In order to support companies to expand their scale, market share & dominate the market, GMarks Vietnam advises on mergers and acquisitions for foreign businesses to acquire capital contribution from Vietnamese enterprises in field of distribution, real estate and manufacturing. Whatever the purpose is, both sell size and buy side need to find a common voice in the transaction and achieve a price that matches their expectations.

Services provided will help investors and companies perform the steps in M&A transactions effectively and time saving:

– Consulting in M&A transactions: The sequence and procedures for conducting transactions and legal issues with state authorities.

– Performing due diligence for M&A objects which is the activity, assets of companies related to M&A transactions.

– Document consulting: Information memorandum (IM), Teaser, Financial model, Analysis and Valuation report.

– Comprehensive Consulting restructuring before and after M&A.

– Organizing & supporting transactions of selling, buying and pledging shares in companies, including transactions involving foreign parties.

– Consulting on calling for investment for the seller. Carry out a review and price appraisal upon buyer’s request.

Trust investment management


Offers you a variety of investment options that meet your specific investment goals, as well as flexible capital withdrawal/ capital contribution requirements.


Business idea creation consulting & executing

Create business ideas and adjust them based on the consideration of your company model and competencies as well as compatibility with your business ecosystem.


Chain management & franchise model consulting

Strengthen business model, review and perfect the management system and build the standard operating platform necessary to catch and seize this opportunity for sustainable growth.


Foreign investment to Vietnam & Vietnam investment abroad consulting


Advise to connect Vietnamese enterprises with foreign trade promotion organizations as well as business community to coordinate and expand investment opportunities and business development.