You are facing the challenges:
– You have heard about KPIs/ OKRs and want to know more about them.
– You do not know which tool is better for your organization, KPIs or OKRs?
– You are encounter issues implementing KPIs/OKRs on your management
– You already have KPIs/OKRs for your organization but still need to develop performance metrics system to a higher level
– You want to evaluate your curent KPIs/ OKRs and update thêm

With more than 14-year experience in business value development in Vietnam, our KPIs/OKRs consulting service will bring you an effective model, knowledge and experience through the following 5-step process:
– Step 1: Define your strategy
– Step 2: Audit existing measures
– Step 3: Develop new measures
– Step 4: Analyse and report
– Step 5: Continuous improvements

The only way to improve is to measure and review performance. If you don’t take the time to set objectives, or you’re setting them but not reviewing them at the end of the year/quarter, you miss a prime opportunity to learn and improve. Actually, you can learn from failures and successes, so make it a top priority to implement performance metrics. You may be surprised how quickly you and your team reach them. It is a comprehensive and sustainable solution for human resource management.


Business growth
& model development consulting

Improve the marketing & sales performance, ensure the maximum demand for capital for business development is rationally allocated, economically spent to brings high economic efficiency.


Implementing & transferring SmartERP solution consulting

Integrates many professional, standardized and specialized processes for beauty care industry which is suitable for fields of cosmetic surgery, spa, dentistry, fitness, fashion retail,…